Docker and Systemd Don’t Jive

What is the hubbub with this, Docker is awesomesauce you may say. Docker is awesomesauce…. for most things and reasonable expectations. Generally I don’t write about all my blunders because I would never have time to get anything done :). This one took the cake though.

I was working through a new security hacking book called Black Hat Python (which I highly recommend) and was happily hacking away when I got to a section where I was testing a basic proxy server. The idea was to use a basic proxy server to redirect traffic from a known service through the proxy to my remote target destination. In order for me to test out the code I wanted to set up a test ftp server. I thought, hey, this is a good opportunity for me to use docker. I’m familiar with docker, but by means an expert. I could have much easier just stood up a vm and been on my way. But nooooo.

I also decided I’d use the latest release from Fedora, Fedora 23 as my base. Again, it crossed my mind to just spin up a cloud image install the package and be on my… Okay, simple tell my DockerFile to install vsftp.


MAINTAINER Jason Marley <>
RUN dnf -y update && dnf clean all
RUN dnf install vsftpd -y

USER root

RUN systemctl enable vsftpd && systemctl start vsftpd

# Expose Ports

CMD ["/bin/bash"]


Super simple. Theoretically, once I start my docker container after the build I should have an ftp service I can set up my proxy to.

$ sudo docker build -t jmarley/fedora_vsftp DockerFile-fvsftp .</pre>


Nope. You’ll get an error like below.


$ sudo docker run -d -t jmarley/fedora_vsftp
Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 2f75e4425e7be7b49183e67e39bfc065c8fbe0523afb214e14c17abef19e6b6b: [8] System error: exec: "/usr/bin/systemctl start vsftpd": stat /usr/bin/systemctl start vsftpd: no such file or directory


And you’re saying, wait a second when I ran my build everything built as I expected with no errors and I know that the service vsftpd installed and is enabled. Here is the deal, since the switch from System V to System D there is the D-Bus service managing the service and if your docker container is doesn’t install and active the necessary services for D-Bus then you’ll see this error. Dan Walsh did a good write up on it as well .

On to fixing, so what do I do. Well you just use a cloud-init image, which probably makes more sense, but if you’re stubborn you’ll keep pressing. The solution is to add another layer that adds all the systemd dependencies so they are available to the container. You can see examples here .

Going through all the effort and searching for the issues I encountered above I should have simply stood up a cloud image and added the necessary services I needed. In my next blog or two I will dive into Fedora’s cloud images and why I like them. Also one of my current community projects is starting to get some steam and wanted to do a series on it as it deals with quite a lot of the stack

Happy Hacking


Author: jasonmarley

I have been with Red Hat since 2010 and love it! My day to day is consulting on RHEL/JBoss/OpenShift, but I work on open source projects in my free time. The best part about my job are my awesome colleagues and our community.

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