onetab saved my life and almost made me cry

A colleague of mine saw I had a bazillion tabs open and was like man you have a lot of tabs open, I was like well I don’t want to forget what I was working on when I get pulled in another direction and curiously I asked him because I was sure he had as many if not more and he said 1000 tabs. I was like how is that possible and he responded onetab. Onetab was originally meant for chrome but has been extended for firefox which is totally awesome.

The past 6 months I’ve been using it like a champ and may have passed my colleague. Well there was trouble with my latest upgrade to Fedora 21 and found out all my versions have some hardware incompatibilities on my laptop, which forced me to use Ubuntu… I know … It is actually quite nice … Anyways, I’m having to restore everything and well Firefox did not play nice even though I copied all my firefox files over and onetab was one of them.

I looked and looked and didn’t see any documentation on what to do for onetab recovery should your system bomb. Well I figured it out after some searching/troubleshooting.

step 1 navigate to


step 2 copy database to the same location as ^^^ on new machine


step 3 enjoy!


Author: jasonmarley

I have been with Red Hat since 2010 and love it! My day to day is consulting on RHEL/JBoss/OpenShift, but I work on open source projects in my free time. The best part about my job are my awesome colleagues and our community.

2 thoughts on “onetab saved my life and almost made me cry”

  1. Hi Jason,

    I am not that computer savvy. Could you please explain this procedure in a more expanded manner? I will greatly appreciate it as I rebooted my computer and need to recover the OneTab I had in Chrome. Would you know how to do it for this browser?

    Thanks so very much,


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