Docker and my initial thoughts

This past week I had an opportunity to tinker a bit with Docker and I think it is really cool… But I’m not sure I think it is quite the silver bullet that everyone makes it out to be.

Will Docker stream line deployments across environments, yes.

Will Docker ensure consistent configurations for the server environment, yes.

Will Docker replace Maven, no.

Will Docker replace continuous build servers, no.

Will Docker be used by the developers or administrators, unclear. If a developer is working in a somewhat loose data center, then the developer will need to document/script out the deployment steps so it can be replicated in each environment, which can be fraught with holes. Generally the developer will script out the deployments with respect to the application sever and not necessarily the os. This presents an issue, because now we are expecting developers to have a more in-depth knowledge of linux to properly understand the linux container and then the application server container on top of it.

Let’s assume the developer has an in-depth knowledge of the os and is capable of building images: networks, services, configuring the application server, etc. As a system admin, I would have to wondering, what was enabled/disabled within the docker image, is it secure, is it configured correctly and am I responsible for reviewing it? And what about for each development team? With a workload like this it sounds like a new position, which would eat into any revenue savings by switching to docker.

If system administrator is responsible for packaging application the outlook doesn’t look much better. To create Docker images well is challenging and does take some time to learn. No doubt adding this many layers to a Docker image some tuning would need to be done and the tuning wouldn’t necessarily be repeatable across teams/projects.

There is definitely a place for Docker, but I’m not sure it belongs at this phase of the development process. Docker seems to me to be better suited for the linux container, vice the linux container and the JEE container.

Or maybe it makes sense for a small company/team that has a lot of rock stars on it.

I’ll post more as I work with!


Author: jasonmarley

I have been with Red Hat since 2010 and love it! My day to day is consulting on RHEL/JBoss/OpenShift, but I work on open source projects in my free time. The best part about my job are my awesome colleagues and our community.

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