installing Openshift v2: devil’s in the details

This past several weeks I’ve been venturing into Red Hat’s Cloud PAAS technology, Openshift. I attempted to install the community version (origin) and the enterprise version. I had mixed luck. With the community version the documentation was incredible, I mean a monkey could do the installation based off of their instructions, really is top notch. Great Job guys! I ran into some packages not being quite stable so i decided then try the enterprise distribution.

So not being an expert (yet!) in Installing/Configuring openshift I needed to rely on the instructions heavily, don’t judge 🙂 . I had no real issues to speak of doing the installation until I installed the broker console. Then I was getting this friendly error:

[root@broker ~]# service openshift-broker start
Starting openshift-broker: Unable to open /etc/scl/prefixes/v8314!
chown: cannot access `Gemfile.lock': No such file or directory
Bundle failed
Run 'bundle install --local' in /var/www/openshift/broker/ to see the problem.

Being a newbie to Red Hats Software Collections I was not sure what the error was and/or why I was getting it. So I cracked open the code base and noticed that the version of ruby I was using was calling this cryptically named command v8134 and without fail couldn’t figure out what it was. I asked a few of my colleagues, but to no avail came up short.

soooo, I checked to see if anybody else had come across this issue before and when the whole error is entered no dice, so I started taking bits off and only leaving the core part of the error and like magic I found the bug had been reported by someone else ( Turns out the RPM file accidentally left off that dependency. And manually installing the v8134 with yum install fixed my issue. All I can say is awesome! Because I could finally move on.

I was able to set up my host no problem and now I’m ready for consumers….jk

lesson learned always google for bugs, trim out error and/or go to vendors site and search their known bugs.


Author: jasonmarley

I have been with Red Hat since 2010 and love it! My day to day is consulting on RHEL/JBoss/OpenShift, but I work on open source projects in my free time. The best part about my job are my awesome colleagues and our community.

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